Bundle Discount: Silver Patin & Crystal Tilapia


A Special Limited Double Combo with a 10% discount to enjoy our two world class signature fish for your family!


  1. One 1.19kg Sarawak Silver Patin (regular price RM70)
  2. One 600gram Batang Ai Crystal Tilapia (regular price RM33)

All our fish are individually IQF packed so that you can easily store in your freezer for convenience.  This is the same restaurant-grade packing you will enjoy.

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A fantastic value to enjoy two of our signature freshwater fishes from Batang Ai dam at home.

  1. The premium Sarawak Silver Patin (800g to 900g) – Regular Price RM56.00
  2. The signature Batang Ai Crystal Tilapia (800 to 1kg) – Regular Price RM38.00

All the fish are individually packed so that you can store it conveniently in your freezer, just like what our restaurant customers do.

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